Pet Fence Transmitter

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The Contain-A-Pet Fence Transmitter:
From a  Quarter of an Acre to 50 Acres.  
It Does it All! 

The Contain-A-Pet Fence Transmitter can do it all.  Size makes no difference.  Many companies offer different transmitters at different price points.  Contain-A-Pet offers one pet fence transmitter that does it all.
Contain-A-Pet Fence Transmitter
  • The transmitter is fully manufactured in the USA.  In these uncertain times Contain-A-Pet is doing all it can to keep our economy and country working.  In addition, we believe the quality of our product is light years better than those products made in China.
  • Contain-A-Pet offers its Lightning Safe feature.  It is the only audible lightning alarm in the world.  It doesn’t work all the time due to the complex nature of power surges from lightning; BUT, we feel anything we can do to add to your pet’s safety is important to us all.
  • The transmitter is made tamper proof to prevent accidental setting changes that can effect your pet’s safety and well-being.
  • The transmitter casing also keeps insects from nesting in the units and compromising the system integrity. Believe it or not this can be a problem.
  • The unit has an audible wire break alarm with a visual LED indicator light. This unit will tone an alarm and the red LED light will go out if your wire is cut.
  • Contain-A-Pet also offers battery back-up capability.  When your power goes out, your pet containment system continues to operate keeping your pet safe at home where she belongs.

Portable Indoor Wireless Transmitter

As a dog trainer, I constantly had clients tell me their dog would get in the trash or on the furniture or in places they did not want them to.  The clients, if properly motivated and consistent, could prevent the pets from going in these “off limits areas” when they were present.  The problem occurs when they are not present.
Enter the Portable Contain-A-Pet Wireless Pet Containment Transmitter.
Properly placed with proper conditioning the wireless pet containment system keeps your dogs or cats out of these invisible areas 24 hours a day.  This is sound behavioral conditioning at work.  Consistency is the key.  So simple.  So effective. There are many uses for the Portable for dogs and cats.

  • The Portable Contain-A-Pet Transmitter does not need the outdoor electric pet fence to do its job.  It can keep your pets out of unwanted areas by itself.
  • You can keep your pet’s from scratching expensive doors as doors can cost in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.
  • Hate coming into the kitchen and finding trash everywhere?  Not a problem.
  • Can’t figure out how all the hair gets on your favorite chair?  Strategic placement of the Portable cures all ills magically!
  • Your cat sneaks along the kitchen counter tasting snacks with your back turned?  Cured!
  • Need to keep your dog or cat out of a room? It can be done easily.
  • Need to keep them contained in a certain area of your home? This can be done too.

With the help of your professional Contain-A-Pet Dealer most any problem you have can be eliminated.  All with sound conditioning principles.

It Keeps an Eye on Your Pets When you Can’t!