Dog Behavior Issues

Does your dog a have a fixation on lights/shadows? Is she aggressive? Does he suffer from separation anxiety?  Are they marking, chewing, jumping, etc? Dog behavioral issues are real and through obedience training, human leadership, and by breathing life and confidence into your dog, you and Kasten’s Dog Training can help your dog overcome even the biggest hurdle.

All behavior modification must be adapted to individual circumstances, breed, and the dog’s temperament and background. We have the experience and knowledge, to guide you through behavioral modification through one of our training programs.  Call 574-522-7050 to schedule your dog’s evaluation.

People Aggression Dog Aggression
Introducing to a new baby Introducing to a new dog
Growling Excessive barking
Fence fighting Jumping
Chewing Housebreaking
Excited urination Digging
Submissive urination Separation anxiety
Fears of “________” Human furniture dominance
Hyperactivity Counter surfing
Play biting Crate training
Eating dead animals Killing animals
Eating poop Self mutilation and licking
Fence jumping Prey drive
Whining Running away
Begging Food or toy possessiveness
Chasing cars, animals, kids, etc. . . Leg mounting
Social anxiety Depression

Unacceptable behavior will wreak havoc and cause unnecessary stress on your dog and your family. We can help restore peace and harmony in your home.