FAQs about Training

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding our training. Don’t see your question here or need clarification? Please call Kasten’s Dog Training at 574-522-7050.

What kind of training do you do?

                We offer on and off leash pet obedience training and teach the following commands: sit, down, come, heel, place, break, stand, off, yes, no, get it, bring it, drop it, as well as, behavioral modification.  We can modify the following behaviors and more: jumping, chewing, digging, housebreaking, crate training, play biting, leash pulling, whining, excessive barking, chasing, excited/submissive urination, leg mounting, counter surfing, getting into the trash, eating poop, food/toy possessiveness. . .

What kind of training programs do you offer?

                We offer Residency Training – Your dog boards at our facility and our professional trainers train your dog, then through a series of private lessons we train you.  We also teach you how to train your dog through group lessons or private lessons.  In addition, we offer a combination of residency training and private lessons in a program called “Train & Go”. Check out the Dog Training Programs & Pricing for a detailed description of each program or for a downloadable price sheet click here.

What method of training do you use?

                We use marker training which includes verbal praise and verbal corrections as well as, leash pressure and visual commands.  We do not use force, yanking, heavy leash pressure, spanking/hitting, or loud voices to train dogs.  Dogs learn best in a calm, consistent, and positive environment, and this is what we provide.

What training tools do you use?

                We use transitional leashes, gentle leaders, prong collars, head haltis, starmark collars, martingale collars, and e collars.  All our training tools, when used properly, require minimal pressure or stimulation to communicate with your dog.  We also train you, the owner, to use the tools properly.  We utilize shaker cans, water squirt bottles, and doggie don’ts to reorient a dog’s focus.

How much is training? 

Prices vary – Please visit our Dog Training Programs page for more information.

What is included with a training program?

                Every training program we offer includes the tools your dog needs to succeed.  The residency training programs include your dog’s boarding, training tools, and your private lessons including follow up lessons.  Train ‘N Go includes your training tools and private lessons. Group lessons and private lessons include your training tools. All training programs include access to our Facebook Group for trained dogs and the ability to call and speak with a trainer regarding situations, circumstances, and behaviors that happen with your dog after training.

When your dog participates in a residency training program please provide enough food (portioned into individual servings) and medication (if necessary) for their entire stay.  Kong toys, Nylabones, and washable bedding are optional. Do not bring bowls for food or water. Do not bring stuffed, squeaky, or rope toys for in their kennel. Do not bring rawhides, natural bones, or antlers for in their kennel.

How do I know which training program my dog needs?

             You will have an evaluation with one of our professional trainers. During the evaluation your trainer will ask you about your goals and the issues you face as well as assess your dog’s personality.  Your trainer will then educate you on our training tools and programs and advise you on the program that would best meet your goals and why. Your evaluation will be valid for 4 months and you may schedule training anytime after your evaluation is completed. If your evaluation expires you will be required to complete a new evaluation prior to scheduling training. An evaluation costs $20. Please call 574-522-7050 to schedule your evaluation.

How much is an evaluation?

                A phone evaluation costs $20 and is about 1 hour long.

Why do I need an evaluation?

                At the evaluation we gather information such as; the goals you have for your dog, the issues you are facing and behaviors you want to change, and your trainer assesses your dog’s personality.  Also, during the evaluation your trainer will discuss our training programs, training tools, training method, and advise you on the best program to meet your goals as well as the dog’s needs based on their personality. Your dog’s evaluation also helps us understand what training tools and methods will work best so we can be prepared to train your dog to their full potential.

Can you train my dog to not jump on people?

                Yes, each of our training programs address jumping as well as many other behavioral issues dog owners face.

My dog is aggressive towards people, can you still train them?

                Yes, we gather information about your dog during an evaluation.  We want to know the dog’s history (if you know it), what behaviors they display, what triggers their aggression, bite occurrence(s) if any and the situation around each bite event and the bite level, we also assess the dog’s overall personality and temperament.  We then help you decide which program is best suited for your dog.

                We will not turn away a dog due to aggression or bite history; however, we need full disclosure from you regarding your dog’s behaviors and triggers to better understand why your dog acts and thinks the way they do and for the safety of our staff.

Can I schedule training for while I am on vacation?

                Yes, we frequently train dogs while owners are on vacation!  In order to work with your schedule, it is best to coordinate with us at least 3 months in advance.  We are often booking training for a month to a month and a half out and we need to complete an evaluation prior to scheduling your dog’s training.

Do you train all dog breeds?

                We do not discriminate against any breed. We train all breeds from the tiniest to the largest and the oldest to the youngest. Our puppy programs begin at 8 weeks old and we recently did off leash training for a 13 year old Chihuahua (although, he isn’t the oldest dog we have trained!)