KDT Covid-19 Policy

Kasten’s Dog Training COVID-19 Policy updated 8/13/2020

Due to the potential threat of COVID-19 and the impact it can have on our operations, Kasten’s Dog Training is taking precautionary measures to protect its employees so we can continue to serve you.

  • Training
    • All evaluations will be by phone until further notice
    • All people who enter the building are required to wear a mask, bring your own mask
    • Owners who are attending training lessons are required to wear a mask
    • Two adult owners may attend training sessions (pre-training lessons, go home lessons, follow up lessons, and private lessons)
    • Dogs enrolled in Train ‘N Go programs will remain at the facility over night for 2 nights each week.  Drop off on Day 1 and pick up will be at the scheduled go home lesson.  We will not do drop off and pick up each day.
    • One adult owner per dog for group lessons and puppy preschool (two adult owners may attend puppy consultations)
  • Boarding
    • When dropping off or picking up your dog you must wear a mask while in the facility
  • What to bring for a boarding or training stay
    • Your dog on a leash
    • Food
      • Either a new, unopened bag of food OR
      • Your dog’s food packed in individual servings for each meal
    • Medication if your dog requires it
    • Optional: A blanket or towel for in your dog’s kennel (we will not accept stuffed bedding of any kind)
    • Do not bring anything else for your dog’s stay at our facility, we will provide every thing else they need