Meet the Team


  • Professional Dog Trainer
  • Puppy Preschcool Instructor
  • Puppy Residency Coordinator

Kylee has been a dog trainer at Kasten’s since early 2019 and in early 2020 took over our puppy preschool and residency training programs. Before coming to Kasten’s, Kylee worked at a doggie daycare facility.

The highlight of each day for Kylee is watching a dog get excited when praised for doing a command correctly. She also enjoys watching dogs progress and transform through a KDT training program.

When Kylee isn’t training dogs and working with puppies you can find her hiking, kayaking, camping, or attending concerts. She also enjoys working her own dog, Shenzi, and being with Armani, her fox. When asked, “What is the best advice you have ever received?” Kylee answered, “My mom always told me to make good choices while I was growing up and her words have been on my mind even as an adult.” If Kylee were given the chance to trade places with anyone or anything for just one day she should trade places with one of her pets because “They live such an easy life and are so spoiled!”

Kylee says, “You should have your dog trained at KDT so I can play with them! Honestly though, because everyone at Kasten’s does their best to help owners and pets achieve their training goals.”



  • Kennel Care
  • Customer Service

For nearly a year, Brittany has been caring for our boarding and training dogs, as well as serving our customers in the front office on the weekends. “I really enjoy the freedom and space to prioritize tasks while learning something new each day.”

Brittany and her dog, Aspen, have also been through our Group Lessons.  She is diligent about consistently practicing with Aspen, as well as continuing to broaden her knowledge by studying principles in dog training through books and videos. 

In addition to her work at Kasten’s, Brittany is a mother of two active children.  In her spare time, she likes to read, spend time with family, paint and play computer games.  She enjoys working with dogs and sees their growth as a reflection of time invested, patience and creativity.  “Each dog has their own unique personality,” she says. “They are a lot of fun.”


  • Office Coordinator

After working in occupational therapy for the past 8 years, Lauri left healthcare to join the team at Kasten’s Dog Training. Often, she will be your first point of contact when calling or visiting our facility.

Lauri’s primary responsibilities include scheduling evaluations, trainings, and boardings; greeting clients; billing and receivables; answering clients’ questions; and the occasional dog walk!

When asked about her transition from OT to Kasten’s, Lauri replied, “I was looking for a company with a track record of success in their industry and a strong reputation in their community. I was also surprised at the number of similarities between the goals of the occupational therapy clinician and Kasten’s mission. In occupational therapy we work to help people restore quality of life after an injury or life event. In the same way, Kasten’s primary goal is to help each dog move toward functioning at its full potential.”

When out of the office, Lauri enjoys reading, playing piano, exercise, and spending time with family.  Lauri and her husband also enjoy many adventures doing one of their favorite past times called letterboxing – following clues to locate a hidden box with a stamp and notepad to leave a message. 



  • Professional Dog Trainer
  • Group Lessons Instructor

Trystan’s father once told him, “There is nothing you can’t achieve if you truly set your mind to it.”  Trystan set his mind on being a professional dog trainer.  He was determined and his persistence paid off.  Trystan joined the professional dog training team mid-2020.  He enjoys reporting to work each day and learning every dog’s personality types and working with them through their hang-ups.

Trystan discovered his passion for dog training when he began training his own German Shepherd Dog, Arya, and the three values that drive him are honesty, dependability, and passion.  These three values create a desire to take challenges head on and not surrender.

When Trystan isn’t training dogs he enjoys doing anything outdoors, especially with Arya.  He also enjoys spending time with friends and family.  His favorite memories are the weeks in Florida with no real-world responsibilities.  His only “job” was to relax on the beach and decide what to cook each evening from the fresh market!

When asked why someone should have their dog trained at Kasten’s, Trystan replied, “People should have their dog trained with KDT because we teach you how to consistently communicate with your dog in a way they truly understand.  This changes your daily life.  Your whole life.  It breaths life into your dog.”



  • Kennel Care Team
  • Customer Service

Morgan started working at Kasten’s Dog Training in early 2021 as a kennel care team member.  In the summer of 2021, she added Customer Service to her abilities. Morgan is particularly interested in working to assist in socializing dogs to things of which they may be fearful by gently aclimating them in a safe, calm, and caring environment.  She came to KDT with 10 years of 4-H Dog Club experience.

Outside of Kasten’s, Morgan loves attending concerts, alternative fashion, spending time with family and friends, and taking naps.  She is our little dog lover and at home she has 2 little dogs, 2 cats, a ball python, and tree frogs.  

“In the end, nothing we do or say in this lifetime will matter as much as the way we have loved one another,” by Daphne Rose Kingma is Morgan’s favorite quote. Her grandma taught her to be empathetic and treat people with kindness, regardless of differences.  Morgan’s values to be kind and love one another drive her to be caring and supportive of her friends, family, her team at KDT, and to the dogs in her care.