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We needed a safe place for our dog, Jack to run around. He is a Puggle and the second he has a chance to run off he does. With a Contain-A-Pet fence we never have to worry about Jack running off. He has plenty of room to play and we feel good about letting him out.

Steve at Kasten’s dog training was nice, professional and seems to know exactly how to talk to dogs. He gave us a good understanding of what to expect with Jack and the Electronic Pet Fence. This was the first dog we have ever had in the family and Steve gave us confidence to know how to handle our new dog.

The Contain-A-Pet dog fence has worked wonderfully without any trouble. It is well made, reliable and inexpensive. Most of Jack is much happier.

Vanessa B., Warsaw, In


Thanks to Contain-A-Pet we now enjoy playing with Dotty, our 5-year-old West Highland White Terrier, in our yard. Before we had Kasten’s Dog Training install a Contain-A-Pet electronic pet system she would run off. Now she enjoys the freedom and we enjoy her. Thanks Steve.

Beth & Troy S. Goshen, In


We purchased the Contain-A-Pet for peace of mind and to avoid annoying the neighbors with our new puppy.  We chose Steve and Contain-A-Pet after doing some research, acquiring estimates from a couple of competitors and meeting Steve.We realized immediately that Steve was much more than a guy who installs underground fences. His love for animals and their welfare was apparent at our first meeting. In fact, while working with our dog and us concerning the fence installation, Steve gave us a number of suggestions and ideas to help Agatha change a few bad habits she was developing as she grew up. It is amazing to see how much impact a few simple techniques can have in changing a dog’s attitude and behavior.

Now Agatha “Aggie” (a Jack Russell/ Black Lab mix) has the freedom and room to run that simply would not have been available without the Contain-A- Pet fence. It’s a wonderful thing to simply let her out when she needs to relieve herself and know she isn’t making her way to the neighbors.

Terry & Virginia W. Warsaw, In


Living in the country with deer, rabbits and other animals we were doubtful about keeping our 6-year-old lab and 6-month-old rottweiler in our yard. Steve offered us Contain-A-Pet’s 100% containment guaranteed or our full money back, so we figured we had nothing to lose. We quickly realized this was the best investment we ever made. We now have total confidence that they will stay in the yard.

Mike L. Bristol, In


I live on 2 acres in the country on a very busy road. I lost my last dog when he was hit and killed by a car in front of my home. When I got my new golden retriever “Blitz”, I had Contain-A-Pet come and install an electronic fence. That was several years ago. Thanks to Contain-A-Pet, Blitz runs through our creek and field safely and worry free. I would recommend Contain-A-Pet to anyone.

Lew R. Westville, In


“Our two Collies could jump, climb or go through our old wooden fence. The Contain-A-Pet fence is a godsend. It has completely removed our former concerns that a dog would escape and get lost or hit by a car.

The Contain-A-Pet fence requires a few days of training the dogs. That training is essential but not difficult in any way. After that short period of training, the dogs were comfortable with the fence. They relaxed, they appeared to be happy with the boundary and they did not challenge the fence.

Recently, we obtained a third dog, a Sheltie that had been in a puppy mill. Steve Kasten set up the training routine for the new dog with the existing fence. It was totally successful. We enthusiastically recommend Mr. Kasten and Contain-A-Pet fence.”

Charlie R. Mishawaka, In