Dog Training

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Is your dog Hyper, Shy, or Timid? Walking you? Would you like control of your dog? Is she Jumping, Barking, or Digging? Dog Training takes time, patience, practice and dog trainig must be positive. Dogs only learn through positive reinforcement.

Kasten’s Dog Training, Inc., is located near Bristol, Indiana on five acres of land servicing St. Joseph, Marshall, Elkhart, Lagrange, Kosciusko counties, and surrounding areas (Michiana). Regardless of the problem or challenge, we have a program to fit your needs. With our residency programs your approval and satisfaction is required. Thus, all of our work is guaranteed! With private lessons and group lessons it is a team effort but your responsibility to work and train your dog to achieve the desired approval and satisfaction. The train and go is a combinaion of our residency where we train the dog and private lesson where you train the dog. However, our step-by-step training approach will guide you and your dog through any of our training programs.

Our Vision is simple: Training your dog should be fun for both you and your dog.

Our Mission Statement: To train dogs to trust and obey their owners and for owners to provide a partnership through leadership and “breathe life into their dog”.

Our Goal: Is to help you accomplish your goals and to create a better relationship with your dog.

Training your dog should be fun for both you and your dog. We are striving for a relationship between you and your dog that is based on more than obedience. However obedience is the foundation to clear, effective, and consistent lines of communication.

The first step is an evaluation. This breaks down the “purpose” of training, to determine Dog Training Middlebury, In - Vizslathe problems and goals for your dog. The second step is to, determine if private lessons or our residency program best fits your families’ needs.

The residency programs are ideal for people going on vacation or long weekends, busy lifestyles, families with small children, etc. or just do not have the time. Based on your goals we will train your dog and provide pre-trainings, go home lessons, and follow up lessons based on your program of choice. Of course we can train your dog to perform for us, but our specialty lies in the ability to transfer these skills to you and your family members.

Private lessons and group lessons are ideal for those go getters that want the pleasures of training their own dog. You must incorporate into your everyday life style time for training and fun with your dog. You are encouraged to involve all family members and make obedience a way of life. Private lessons are given in the connivance of your home or you may visit our facility.

The Train and Go program is a combination of our residency program where we train the dog and private lesson where we train you to train your dog. You must drop your dog off before 8:30 AM and pick after 4:30 PM daily for three consecutive days and two consecutive weeks. During the three day period your dog is trained daily with a private lesson at pick up time on the third day of each week. You must confirm and schedule an exact pick up time to meet with one of our trainers the morning of drop off.

Dog Training Goshen, In - Rat Terrier

Dexter in a Sit/Stay

While training your dog must be fun, not all dogs can be trained the same. Some dogs are Hyper, Shy, Aggressive or any combination of these traits. Other dogs require a soft approach while still others require a firm approach. Training a shy or timid dog may require the use of treats to gain the dogs’ respect and trust-thus establishing leadership over the dog. Training must be tailored to bring out the success in your dog. We will evaluate and train dogs according to their personality.

All of our dog training is tailored toward real-life situations (ringing of door bell) and practical applications (no jumping). The lower the distraction the greater chance of obedience. We raise the distractions and help you conquer the everyday hassles of living with an untrained dog. We have to learn to communicate to dogs at their level not ours. Leadership, discipline and love are the recipe for success.

We look forward to serving you and your dog.