Dog Training Programs

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Happy Golden from Nappanee, InThe following programs are designed to teach dogs and owners at different levels. In order for all training programs to be successful, it is imperative for owners to work at home to change patterns and behavior as instructed. Your willingness to incorporate the obedience commands into everyday life, as instructed, is crucial for success. The time and energy that you invest will determine how much you and your dog are able to accomplish. The following is a guide and breakdown for residence programs (board and train), private lessons, train and go, or group lessons. With any program we train you and your dog how to overcome annoying behavioral problems. You may choose a program that best fits you and/or your family’s needs. A private consultation must be completed before any training begins.

Program 1 On Leash
Residency 7 – 1 – 1 Training Program
At Owner’s Home Training 3 Private Sessions
At KDT, Inc. 3 Private Sessions

During this program your dog will learn the following on leash commands: Let’s go (loose leash walking), Heel with Automatic-Sit, Sit-Stay, and Come.

Program 2 On Leash
Residency 14 – 1 – 1 – 2 Training Program
Residency Up Grade Program #1 8 – 1 – 1 Training Program
At Owner’s Home Training 6 Private Sessions
At KDT, Inc. 6 Private Sessions

During this program your dog will learn the following on leash commands: Loose leash walking, Heel with Automatic Sit, Sit-Stay, Come, Down at your side, Down from the front, and Down-Stay, Sit from the down, and Stand. Your Dog will also be taught the Place command that allows your dog limited freedom while maintaining self control in a designated area. Your two follow-up lessons must be completed within 21 days after the final date of residency training.

Program 3 E-Collar Off Leash
Residency 21-1-1-1-1 Training Program
Residency Upgrade Program #2 10-1-1 Training Program
Residency Upgrade Program #1 17-1-1 Training Program

If you dream of having on and off leash control of your dog then the 21 day residency program may be for you. During this time we will teach your dog the following on leash commands: Loose leash walking, Heel with Automatic-Sit, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Sit from the Down, Stand and Come. Your dog will be taught to respond to both verbal commands and hand signals. Your dog will also be taught the Place command that allows your dog limited freedom while maintaining self-control in a designated area. During these lessons there will be emphasis on diversifying your dog’s commands, working around distractions, and advice on handling unwanted behaviors. This training method gets the dog to focus on the command, or to distract him from continuing an activity he should not be doing. The dog is not in fear or pain. You will see a dog that gets very happy when he (or she) sees their E-Collar. We also offer this as 10-12 day upgrade to clients who have completed program #2 within 6 months.

Program 4 TRAIN AND GO
Daily Residency Week One 3 Days of Training and Go Home Lesson.
Week Two 3 Days of Training and Go Home Lesson.

This program is designed for the dog to drop off before 8:30 AM and picked after 4:30 PM daily for two consecutive days. During the two day period your dog will have 6 training sessions and one 30 minute private lesson at pick up time on the second day. This is a combination of our residency where we train the dog and private lesson where we train you to train your dog. You must confirm and schedule an exact pick up time to meet with one of our trainers the morning of drop off.

Weekly lessons 6 Weekly lesson
Annual Anytime classes are being offered

The goal of this class is to help your dog learn to become a good-natured companion by learning basic house manners and obedience in a group setting. During this time we will teach you to train your dog the following on leash commands: Heel with Automatic-Sit, Loose leash walking, Sit-Stay, Come, Downs-Stay, Sit from the Down, Stand and Place.

Weekly lessons 4 Weekly lesson – 1 Go Home

This program is our foundation to all training programs, to have your dog sit patiently beside you for 2 minutes and have basic manners. It is meant for dogs without much prior training (except for puppy classes). Here, we cover calming the dog, sit/stay, loose leash walking, focusing on responsible ownership, and more.

One Private Puppy Consultation Plus Weekly Classes
Jump Start Residency 7-1 Go home –1 Monday Social

The goal of Puppy Preschool (for puppies 8 to 16 weeks) is to give you and your puppy a private consultation with one of our trainers and weekly classes. These classes offer exercises in socialization, confidence-building, and handling for you and your puppy as well as solutions for basic problem solving. The ultimate goal of these sessions is to guide you and your puppy in the critical communication process and development of trust that is essential to your relationship. Your puppy will also gain a better understanding of what is appropriate behavior around other people and other dogs.

General Information:

Residency Dog Training - Play Time for Kato a FourcheWith the residency program, a collar and leash is included and your expectations are met, thus your approval and satisfaction is required. With the train and go a collar is included. With private or group lessons it is a team effort but your responsibility to work and train your dog to achieve the desired approval and satisfaction. Private lessons average 60+ minutes in length and must allow time (2-3 days) before the next lesson, normal time is a week. This gives you time to work with your dog. A mileage fee may be assessed for miles driven outside my zip code. With any program you may up-grade at any time to the next program.

Please note that all training programs work on behavior issues such as: jumping, chewing, digging, housebreaking, crate training, play biting, leash pulling, whining/barking, car chasing, excited or submissive urination, leg mounting, counter surfing, getting into the trash, eating poop, food/toy possessive, and many other behavioral issues. When dealing with separation anxiety, shy/timidness, confidence building, or aggression issues, extra training time and expense may be required to help your dog fully recover.

Your dog will also learn “take it, drop it” and/or “leave it” for those times when your dog has something they are not supposed to and for great communication and training skills. They will also be shown, “get it, bring it, and drop it” for the retrieval instinct in some dogs. This is wonderful exercise for the dog while allowing you the opportunity to practice your training and leadership skills.

With any residency or training program at KDT dogs are required to have the following vaccinations: DHLP, Parvo, Bordatella, and Rabies. And you must fill out the Owner and Pet information form, Terms and Conditions form and if necessary a medication form prior to releasing your dog to our care.

Owner and Pet Information Form
Terms and Conditions Form



If obedience training is included under an agreement, the dog will be trained to perform as shown by demonstration. The Company agrees that, while the dog is on its premises and under its control for training, the Company will exercise the utmost diligence and care to protect the health and safety of the dog. However, customer agrees that Company has no liability for loss of or damage to the dog or customer’s other property resulting from fire, disease, illness, virus, escape, theft, death, or other unavoidable causes. After the dog has been returned to the customer by Company, and is off Company’s premises, Company cannot and does not accept any responsibility for illness, injury or death of dog or any person or animal, or damage to any property, caused by the dog. If the dog shows evidence of medical problems while under the care and control of the Company, Company shall have the right to take such measures as it deems necessary, without being liable to customer, for the health and safety of the dog by a veterinarian of Company’s choice. Customer shall pay the cost of all treatment, in addition to the agreement price, prior to the dog being returned.