Program 2 – Optimal Obedience

In this program, your dog will learn all verbal commands and hand signals from Program 1 – Manners Matter, plus additional commands as outlined below. The last command listed, the “place” command, allows your dog limited freedom while maintaining self-control in a designated area. Throughout this program, your dog will be trained around increasing levels of distractions.

You may enroll for the full, 15-day Program 2, or you may upgrade to this program if your dog has completed Program 1. Your follow-up lesson(s) must be completed within 21 days after your go home lesson.

Program 1 commands

  • Loose leash walking,
  • Heel with automatic Sit,
  • Sit with automatic Stay,
  • Break, and
  • Come, PLUS

Program 2 commands

  • Down at your side,
  • Down from the front,
  • Down with automatic Stay,
  • Sit from Down,
  • Stand, and
  • Place