Welcome to Kasten’s Dog Training

Click here for KDT’s COVID-19 policy – updated 8/13/2020

NEW KDT POLICY to help prevent canine cough, also called kennel cough:

“Doggie Social Distancing”

A minimum of 10 days prior to your dog’s boarding, training, or daystay arrival:

  • NO dog parks

  • NO pet stores

  • NO groomers

  • NO daycare facilities

  • NO nose-to-nose contact with another dog

This policy is to help prevent the spread of canine cough, a highly contagious disease.  Canine cough can be spread for many days prior to a contaminated dog showing signs or symptoms.  Unfortunately, the Bordetella vaccine does not cover all strains of bacteria and viruses that cause canine cough; however, it does protect against some and it can reduce the severity of symptoms if your dog contracts canine cough.

Welcome to Kasten’s Dog Training where we breathe life into your dog. We specialize in:

We are striving for a relationship between you and your dog that is based on more than obedience; however, obedience is the foundation to clear, effective, and consistent lines of communication.  We teach you how to set boundaries for your dog and hold them accountable. This is done through motivation, praise, and correction.

The KDT Mission Statement:  To train dogs to trust and obey their owners and for owners to provide a partnership through leadership and “breathe life into their dog”.

Our Goal: To help you accomplish your goals and to create a better relationship with your dog.

Through the years we have heard:” I want my dog to listen and have good house manners!” and “My dog is territorial and shows aggression, how do I make him more relaxed” and “I just want to walk my dog without him pulling!!!”  Each of the above expressions is obtainable and so much more!

“Training is not a 100 meter dash, it is a marathon.”  At Kasten’s Dog Training we know dog training marathons!

Kasten’s Dog Training is your professional dog trainer for St. Joseph, Marshall, Kosciusko, Elkhart, Lagrange, Cass, all of Michinana and its surrounding areas.