All-Star Program

Training your new puppy can be very rewarding, yet frustrating. You may have many questions. Should I use a crate? How do I work on house breaking? Should I use a harness or collar?

Our All-Star puppy residency program can assist with housebreaking, crate training, play biting, chewing, and many more puppy behavior issues. We will also teach your puppy social skills, curb unwanted behavior, teach basic commands, and do leash work. Each puppy residency program includes a puppy manual, admittance to puppy preschool classes, and a detailed go home lesson to transfer your puppy’s new skills to you. You may choose from either the 8-day All-Star Program or our 15-day All-Star Plus!

To begin the registration process, use the Contact Us form where you can provide your contact information and upload your vaccination records, then followup with a call our office to schedule your puppy’s All-Star Program.