Group Lessons

Group lessons for training your family dog are designed to provide the highly motivated canine owner with the knowledge necessary for training their dog in the skills of both Programs 1 and 2. Through seven weekly lessons during which the dog owner will be trained and through consistent individual workouts training your dog throughout the week the following may be achieved:

  • Loose leash walking
  • Heel with automatic Sit
  • Sit with automatic Stay
  • Break
  • Come
  • Down at your side,
  • Down from the front,
  • Down with automatic Stay,
  • Sit from Down,
  • Stand, and
  • Place

The place command allows your dog limited freedom while maintain self-control in a designated area.

Canine group lessons class structure is 7 weeks of 1 hour classes on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM. All sessions will take place at our training center in a climate controlled setting.

The $325.00 investment for the full 7 weeks includes: 7 training classes, training manual, training tool/leash, Kasten’s Dog Training “place” mat, and 1 Barks Pass for admission to a Barks & Recreation class.

Call our office at 574-522-7050, or contact us to express interest in the class, ask questions, or set up your evaluation with a trainer to get registered!