Puppy Preschool

Puppy preschool includes weekly classes following a consultation with our puppy specialist for you and your puppy.  The classes offer exercises in socialization, confidence building, and handling, as well as solutions for common puppy behavior issues.  The goal of this course is to guide you and your puppy in critical communication and development of trust that is essential to your relationship.  Your puppy will gain a better understanding of what is appropriate behavior around people and other dogs.  Puppy Preschool meets weekly on Monday at 6:30 PM.

Registration of $100 includes puppy consultation prior to your first class, a puppy manual and all the classes you can attend until your puppy is 17 weeks old. Notify us of your interest in Puppy Preschool via Contact Us form or email the visit summary from your first veterinary appointment to sales@kastensdogtraining.com.

A typical puppy preschool class consists of:

  • Opportunity for individual questions.
  • Puppy Socialization – a time for all puppies to be puppies and explore.
  • Pass The Puppy – time for each puppy to be handled appropriately by other people of various ages, races, and size.
  • Object Socialization – how to introduce your puppy to vacuum sweepers, appliances, treadmills and more. Proper socialization during this short window of opportunity, ages 8 to 17 weeks, will guide your puppy’s development while he gains clear understanding of appropriate behavior.
  • Intro to Basic Commands – leash walking, sit, down, & come.
  • Topic of the Day – We will discuss topics which prepare you for everyday living with your puppy such as housebreaking, play biting, and puppy care (grooming).
  • Agility/Confidence Builder – We will explore a small task to aid in your puppy’s development.