What to Bring (or not)

We absolutely look forward to having your dog as part of our family and understand that each dog is different. We hope the tips below will help your dog feel as comfortable as possible in a new surrounding. Remember, less is best!

What to bring…

  • Your beloved dog, leash, and collar.
  • Food, either a new unopened bag or individual meals packed in sealed baggies. Please include at least 2 extras for travel delays.
  • If your dog eats from a raised or slow feeder, you may bring that, as well.
  • Any medication your pet requires (in the original, marked container).
  • You may provide a towel or blanket but no stuffed bedding.
  • If your dog was previously trained at Kasten’s, please bring your dog’s training tools. Daily refresher training is included with their stay.
  • We will provide all other things your dog needs during their stay including bowls and toys.

Please avoid the following…

  • No stuffed bedding.
  • Avoid chew toys and treats made of organic material such as antlers, bones, or rawhide.

As always, you may call or email our office with any questions you may have!