Dog Behavior Issues

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Does your dog a have a fixation on lights/shadows? Is she aggressive? Does he suffer from separation anxiety?  Is he marking, chewing, jumping, etc? Dog Behavior issuse are real and dogs need treaments. Obedience trainig, leadership, breathing life and confidence into our dogs is an absolute must when work with dog behavior issues.

You’re realizing the honeymoon stage of you relationship with your dog is screeching to a halt. The kinks are most likely just growing pains, meaning that your dog has reached a new stage of development.  Knowledge of the early growth period of dogs helps toDog Obedience Elkhart, In - Siberian Husky understand canine behavior. Puppies have a critical need for socialization from three-eight weeks (mother & litter) and eight-sixteen weeks of age (human pack). Socialization to people, objects and other animals (dogs) during this period is important, especially if the pup has missed out on early (mother/litter) socialization.

Many owners wait until the puppy is 6 months to a year old to begin “dog training” or curbing unwanted behavior. This can be a mistake and risks allowing the dogs behavior to get out of control. Others start at this stage, working out the kinks, because they have adopted a pup that is already a teenager, and they wing it until bad behavior develops.

All behavior modification must be adapted to individual circumstances and the dog’s temperament and background. We have the experience and knowledge, to guide you through this stage of development. With one or two private lessons we can guide you through the toughest behavior problems.

People Aggression Dog Aggression
Introducing to a new baby Introducing to a new dog
Growling Barking
Dog aggression / fighting Jumping
Chewing Housebreaking
Excited urination Digging
Submissive urination Separation anxiety
Fears and Phobias Dealing with furniture
Hyperactivity Counter surfing
Play biting Crate training
Eating dead animals Killing animals
Eating poop Self mutilation and licking
Fence Jump Prey / Play drive
Whining Running away
Begging Food / Toy possessive
Car, cat, etc. Chasing Leg mounting
Begging Depression

Unacceptable behavior will wreak havoc and cause unnecessary stress on the dog and family. We can help restore peace and harmony back into the home.