Pet Fence Testimony

Here is a great review from a wonderful family that recently added a third dog to their pet fence.

“Our two Collies could jump, climb or go through our old wooden fence. The Contain-A-Pet fence is a godsend. It has completely removed our former concerns that a dog would escape and get lost or hit by a car.

The Contain-A-Pet fence requires a few days of training the dogs. That training is essential but not difficult in any way. After that short period of training, the dogs were comfortable with the fence. They relaxed, they appeared to be happy with the boundary and they did not challenge the fence.

Recently, we obtained a third dog, a Sheltie that had been in a puppy mill. Steve Kasten set up the training routine for the new dog with the existing fence. It was totally successful. We enthusiastically recommend Mr. Kasten and Contain-A-Pet fence.”

Charlie R.

Mishawaka, In