Pet Fence-What to look for in pet fence

Pet Fences-What to look for in purchasing a dog fence.

There are three main categories when purchasing an underground pet fence. First is training your beloved pet. You must be sure they understand and are not being shocked unnecessarily. This is why I became a dog trainer who installs and services underground pet fences. This knowledge and understanding of dogs complement the installation and training required to keep pets safely contained in their yards.

The second is proper installation. You must set the field (area receiver is activated) based on the dog’s personality and temperament (there is a difference). Remember this is an investment for you and your pet. So the correct layout is essential. Having the wire too close to the house can cause the receiver to activate inside your home. But having the wire too far from the house can allow your pet freedom where you do not desire.

Finally, the quality of the product and its safety features. Safety features such as: low battery indicator for the receiver, or tone only, adjustable settings, or automatic shut off. Safety features for the transmitter: visual and audible alarms. Both should have a guarantee, the question is how good is the guarantee?

This is a lifetime investment for you and your pet. What are other factors to consider? Obviously cost, but you often get what you pay for. You are looking for the best value based on the above criteria. So, here are a few additional questions to ponder:

How much are batteries? How long do they last? Will you guarantee I get that much life out of my battery?                                                                                                          

What kind of Guarantee do you have?

Do I receive 100% of my money back if my pet cannot be contained? For how long?

How large of an area can the system cover?

What kind of wire do you use?

As a caring and loving pet owner these are serious questions to a serious matter – The Safety of your Pet!