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The 7 Breeds of Dog Owner: Which One Are You?

The 7 Breeds of Dog Owner: Which One Are You?

Being a dog trainer is an incredibly rewarding experience. Many people are surprised when they realize they, not their dogs, are my primary students. Dogs are incredibly perceptive, picking up on our body language and looking to us for guidance. In her book “Paws for a Minute,” Inger Martens describes the “Seven Types of Dog Owner” in a way that always resonates with me. 

The 7 Breeds of Dog Owner

Let’s explore these categories and see where you might fit.

1. The Coaxer

Do you find yourself repeatedly giving commands, hoping that with enough pleading and cajoling, your dog will eventually understand? This dog owner relies on repetition and patience, sometimes to the point of frustration.

2. The Control Enthusiast

Do you often hear yourself shouting, “Hey!” whenever your dog misbehaves? Do you quickly follow up with a flurry of commands like “No,” “Get down,” “Off,” and “Stop it”? If so, you might be a Control Enthusiast, trying to maintain strict control over every situation.

3. The Disciplinarian

Do you believe in using physical corrections, such as a rolled-up newspaper or a fly swatter, to discipline your dog? It’s crucial to note that hitting your dog can cause fear and mistrust.

4. The Stern Gazer

Do you rely on giving your dog “the look,” hoping they’ll understand through sheer willpower or telepathic connection? The Stern Gazer believes in the power of silent communication, often expecting the dog to grasp their intentions without verbal commands.

5. The Soft-Spoken Observer

Do you think your dog is brilliant because they tilt their head when you speak? The Soft-Spoken Observer tends to mix their commands with praise, saying “No” and “Good Boy” in the same gentle tone, which can confuse the dog.

6. The Lenient Caregiver

Are you the type of dog owner who believes that anything goes? If you often say, “It’s okay” and let your dog have free rein, you might be a Lenient Caregiver, preferring to avoid conflict or correction altogether.

7. The Chatty Companion

Do you enjoy telling your dog all about your day, offering long explanations and anecdotes? The Chatty Companion treats their dog like a conversational partner, often giving more information than the dog can process.

Reflect and Adapt

You might recognize a bit of yourself in several of these categories. The purpose of highlighting these different types of dog owners is to raise awareness about how your behavior affects your dog’s perception and response. Dogs look to you for leadership and guidance, interpreting your body language and reacting to the energy and signals you emit.

Consistency is Key as a Dog Owner

How you interact with your dog is crucial for effective training and communication. Consistency in your behavior fosters understanding and trust. Remember, successful dog training relies on positive reinforcement and clear communication. Be the pack leader your dog needs, and always strive to communicate at their level, not just your own.

Understanding and adapting your approach can foster a stronger, more positive relationship with your furry friend. Whether you’re a Coaxer, a Control Enthusiast, or a Chatty Companion, there’s always room for growth in the journey of dog ownership.

We Can Help

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