“The Seven Breeds of Dog Owners”

The different Breeds of Dog Owners.

I am truly blessed and love being a dog trainer. However, most people are surprised, and then chuckle when they figure out that they are my primary student, not their dog. Dogs read our body language and look to us for guidance and leadership. I like how Inger Martens, in her book “Paws for a Minute”, describes “The Seven Breeds of Dog Owners”.

 Breed #1: The Coaxer

Do you feel if you repeat the command often enough, beg, plead, etc., that sooner or later your dog will catch on?

 Breed #2: The Control Freak

Do you find yourself saying or yelling “Hey” every time your dog misbehaves? Do you say “No, get down, off, hey, stop it” in the same breathe?

 Breed #3: The Smacker

Do you use a rolled up newspaper or fly swatter and smack your dog on the nose or rear? Never, ever hit your dog.

 Breed #4: The Ol’ Evil Eye

Do you have the special look or trying to train through osmosis or ESP?

 Breed#5: The Whiner

Do you think your dog is brilliant because he constantly cocks his head? The whiner says “No” and “Good Boy” all in the same tone.

 Breed#6: The “It’s O.K.” owner.

For this type of dog owner absolutely anything and everything goes.

 Breed# 7: The Talker

Do you give your dog a dissertation on your daily events?

 You may have found a little of you in a couple of the different breeds. My purpose of sharing these different types of dog owners is to bring awareness to the fact that your dog looks to you for guidance and leadership. Your dog is reading your body language and responds from the energy or signals you are giving. So, if find your dog not responding to you favorably you may want to reevaluate the breed of dog owner you are.

 The consistency of your own behavior is an important factor in training your dog, and achieving good communications. Your dog training is only as good as the way you apply it, are you the pack leader? Obedience is the result of positive reinforcement, not discipline. You must learn to communicate with your dog at his/her level not yours.

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